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How to Clean Your ColdTech Unit

Congratulations you own a commercial fridge, freezer, prep table or undercounter from ColdTech Commercial. Please read your user manual that came with the unit for a maintenance schedule. If you no longer have the guide you can also find them along with spec sheets online. This video of our own Stuart Cunningham teaches you how to clean the coils, the gaskets and program the display. If you have any questions just email us at

Commercial Refrigerator Video

You can search high and low in the commercial refrigeration world, but it's doubtful that you'll find a better warranty than ColdTech Commercial's. Our fridges are under warranty from back to front for three years and what's even better, the compressors are covered for five years. The high-grade 300 series stainless-steel interiors make the equipment easy to clean and they're also ideal for storing your food safely. The commercial refrigeration equipment is all Energy Star rated, meaning your power consumption is less and your electricity bills will be lower. It's an ideal way to save money and help protect the fragile environment. The fridges come on easy-to-move castors, which enables you to move them around the kitchen or anywhere else you choose. If you do have any problems or questions about ColdTech equipment you simply have to call them at any time of the day or night and somebody in North America will be on the other end of the line to help you out.

Fridge Highlights

ColdTech Commercial refrigeration equipment is made out of top-quality 300 series stainless steel both on the inside and the outside. This makes all of the units extremely attractive, safe for food storage and as easy as pie to clean. If you'd like to move the fridge from one side of the kitchen to the other you don't need to be the Incredible Hulk to transport it since the component can easily be rolled on its wheels. This makes the equipment ideal for those who may have catering events and offsite gigs to attend to. The warranty is second to none in the commercial refrigeration business as all equipment comes with a three-year warranty from back to front along with five-year's worth of coverage on the compressors.

Commercial Freezer Video

When you buy a ColdTech Commercial freezer you'll be getting a unit that's made out of high-grade 300 series stainless steel. This means your food can be handled safely inside of it while cleaning is made easy. The one-door models have a capacity of 23 cubic feet while the two-door solid components are just over double the size at 47 cubic feet. If you'd still like more room you'll find the durable three-door models are 73 cubic feet. You'll have some peace of mind with a ColdTech freezer due to its three-year back-to-front warranty and the five year coverage on the compressor. If anything should happen to malfunction or you'd just like to ask a question about the unit you can phone the customer-service hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The interior wire shelves are adjustable, easy to clean and are ideal for balancing weight. The door gaskets are also easy to clean and promote food safety. If you've made an especially tasty dish you don't have to worry about it disappearing overnight as the doors to the freezer are lockable.

Freezer Highlights

ColdTech freezers are constructed with durable and beautiful high-grade 300 series stainless steel. The adjusting slide able wire shelves are superior to the clip models and can easily be cleaned while properly balancing the weight. As with all ColdTech commercial refrigeration equipment, the component is covered from back to front with its three-year warranty and the compressor is covered for an additional two years on top of that.

Prep Table Video

A ColdTech Commercial prep table can save you tons of time in the kitchen since everything is stored in one place. There's a refrigerator below the high-grade 300 series stainless-steel unit to store the most popular of your food items. The pans are also made from stainless steel and are a lot easier to clean and more durable than plastic. The attractive lids and roll covers are insulated to make sure that your food stays at a consistent temperature at all times. This also saves on energy, which of course results in money saved. The unit features easy-to-use programmable digital displays. The prep tables offer your kitchen staff a large work surface and they come with a three-year-warranty on everything from back to front. The only thing better than that is the five-year warranty on the prep table's compressor.

Prep Table Highlights

The ColdTech Commercial prep tables enable you and your staff to save time as they're equipped to store all of your ingredients and items in one place. This is because there's a refrigeration unit ideally placed under the front of the table. You don't have to worry about the heat of your food as the lids and roll covers are insulated to help keep all of your items at a consistent temperature. This also results in the saving of both energy and money. The components are constructed with 300 series high-grade stainless steel and come with three-year warranties on the unit and five year warranties on the compressors.

Undercounter Information

The undercounter 300 series stainless steel ColdTech Commercial fridges and freezers are ideal for placing in small areas of the kitchen. The eye-catching one-door models are six cubic feet in size and the two-door units are 12 cubic feet, meaning there's plenty of room to store your kitchen's culinary favourites. The components are easy to move around the kitchen because of their lockable casters and the door gaskets pop out easily for cleaning. The temperatures can be controlled by easy-to-program digital displays which are located on the outside of the commercial undercounter fridges and freezers. You can always reach the ColdTech customer service office if you need to as it's open every hour of the year. You'll be able to breathe easier knowing that the compressors on the fridges and freezers are under warranty for five years while the unit itself is covered from back to front for three years.

Undercounter Highlights

You won't have a problem cleaning the undercounter fridges and freezers from ColdTech Comemrcial as they're made out of top-grade 300 series stainless steel. You won't have any trouble moving them around the kitchen either since they're outfitted with easy-to-roll casters. Cleaning the door gaskets is an easy chore as they simply pop out and you'll always know what the interior temperature is in the units with the programmable digital displays on the outside. The ColdTech commercial refrigeration warranties are hard to beat as the units are covered from back to front for three years while the compressors are under warranty for five.